2022 year - 22 years delivering top-class legal services

Pankov and Associates provide Russian and international corporate consulting, tax planning, and company registration services in Russia and other jurisdictions around the world. Our special skills are in the following fields:

Corporate development

  • Consulting on corporate law.
  • Registration of companies in Russia.
  • Registration of companies outside Russia.
  • International private law issues.

Business support

  • Consulting on currency exchange regulations.
  • Consulting on employment law.
  • Consulting on contract drafting.
  • Consulting on licensing.
  • Consulting on legal issues related to real estate.


  • Consulting on corporate taxation.
  • Assessment of tax risks, design of optimal business management solutions.
  • Taxation and income declaration for individuals.
  • Transfer pricing.

Judicial disputes

  • Defence of client interests in court (tax and commercial disputes).