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Offshore companies

P&A Corporate Services Ltd is a consulting company specialised in transnational corporate consulting and tax planning. It has a broad range of foreign partners and its own representative offices in Moscow and London as well as an associated office in Limassol (Cyprus).

We abide by international professional standards in our work. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to provide qualified legal assistance to our clients in jurisdictions outside Russia.

We analyse and recommend offshore jurisdictions that suit our clients by levels of banking and commercial secrecy, appropriate state regulation and anonymity of actual company owners, through trust management of company shares by local nominee owners.

We provide legal services concerning registration of companies to order. We always ready to assist you in acquisition of “off-the-shelf” companies registered in offshore zones such as the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, Nevis, Seychelles, Belize, Panama, etc.

We also help our clients to open accounts at foreign banks. However, this service depends largely on the image of the company and relations between the Russian Federation and the country where the bank institutions are located. P&A Corporate Services Ltd has connections with a number of banks both abroad and in former Soviet republics which know and trust us, and therefore also trust our clients.

Prices for legal services concerning registering and supporting companies dealt with in this section are shown below.

Registration of companies and size of annual obligatory payments

Country of registration Cost Annual payments (government duties, legal address/agent) from the year following registration, US$
Bahamas $2 125 $1 940
Virgin Islands $2 040 $2 040
Belize $1 400 $1 040
Nevis $2 320 $1 830
Seychelles $1 050 $955
Panama $1 450 $1 360
Dominica $1 170 $1 200
Oregon (USA) $650 $800
Arkansas (USA) $650 $890
Delaware (USA) $840 $1 020

The cost of registration includes a package with company articles of association legalised by apostille, annual payments for the current year (government duties and legal address).

Support for companies and associated services

Nominee director with issue of a power of attorney $750
Nominee shareholder $650
Certificate of good standing $275
Certificate of incumbency Belize
Hong Kong
Legalisation of documents by apostille Nevis
Hong Kong
Virgin Islands
Postal address in Canada $680
Postal address in UK $510
Postal address in Hong Kong $680
Virtual office in USA and Canada $830
Delivery of documents by courier post $150
Certificate from tax collector (B.V.I.) $215
Certificate from tax collector (Belize) $295
Certificate from tax agency with taxpayer identification number (USA) $330
Nominee signature $55

Our professionals work in the spheres of corporate development, business management, tax planning and litigation. We can provide legal protection for your business, strengthen its legal foundations, defend the interests of your company in court, and accurately assess its position in respect of both Russian and international law.

We conform to international professional standards