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The list of taxpayers having the right to use the simplified taxation system will be expanded.

The State Duma intends to pass a bill that will expand the range of taxpayers having the right to use the simplified taxation system.

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Russian Central Bank Instruction for making of cash payments.

On 23 April 2014 the Russian Ministry of Justice registered the Russian Central Bank’s Instruction dated 7 October 2013 No.3073-U “On making of cash payments”.

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Amendments to the procedure for paying the registered capital of a limited liability company come into force.

The Federal Law No.129-FZ dated 05.05.2014 “On amendments to Article 90 of the first part of the Russian Civil Code and Article 16 of the Federal Law ‘On limited liability companies’ eliminates preliminary payment of 50% of registered capital before registration and reduces the total time allowed for payment from one year to four months.

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Collection of moneys from a debtor for non-performance of a court order

Decree No.22 dated 04.04.2014 of the plenary session of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation clarifies issues regarding the allocation of moneys to the plaintiff in case of non-performance of a court order.

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