2021 year - 22 years delivering top-class legal services



Pankov and Associates provide professional services for the design and evaluation of various types of contracts.

The specialists who work in our team are competent in many different areas of law.

Our services for design and legal evaluation of contracts include:

  • consulting and legal analysis of draft agreements to ensure compliance with civil law and specialised legislation;
  • identification of legal, procedural and commercial risks associated with contracts and practical recommendations for addressing such risks;
  • consulting on negotiation strategy in contract preparation and design of legal arguments to defend your position;
  • drafting of contract documents.

Types of contracts:

  • Loan contract
  • Agency contract
  • Sale contract
  • Barter contract
  • Leasing contract
  • Contracting agreement
  • Pledge contract
  • Custody contract
  • Gift agreement
  • Others

Quality and observance of deadlines are monitored by the senior partner, ensuring the best standards.

Pankov and Associates charge for services by the hour, i.e. the amount you pay is equal to the number of hours spent providing services multiplied by the hourly rate of the relevant consultant.

Hourly payment rates of Pankov and Associates (rubles)

Senior partner500$
Managing partner450$
Tax consultant350$
Senior lawyer350$
Assistant lawyer250$

Our professionals work in the spheres of corporate development, business management, tax planning and litigation. We can provide legal protection for your business, strengthen its legal foundations, defend the interests of your company in court, and accurately assess its position in respect of both Russian and international law.

We conform to international professional standards