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Disputes over inheritance may require legal regulation when heirs are unable to agree the distribution of bequeathed assets.

Disputes may arise over the size of inherited shares, challenges to the will of the deceased party, identification of untitled heirs and persons excluded from inheritance, invalidation of the will, and establishment of a mandatory share.

As a rule, disputes over inheritance are complex, and it is therefore advisable in such cases to seek the assistance of lawyers who specialise in inheritance law.

Pankov and Associates always seek to resolve such problems through negotiation. If amicable settlement proves impossible, we can help you apply to a court and represent your interests in court hearings.

Our services include:

  • legal advice and detailed explanation of the rules and steps to be taken for receipt of the inheritance;
  • help selecting the best approach to resolve any specific problem;
  • preparation of documents confirming your right to the inheritance and other facts pertaining to the case;
  • preparation of a statement of claim or complaint for submission to court;
  • representation in the course of the legal action, in negotiations with other heirs or third parties; assistance in making an amicable agreement on terms that are advantageous to you;
  • monitoring implementation of a court ruling.

The knowledge and expertise of all the lawyers at Pankov and Associates are at your disposal.

Pankov and Associates charge for services by the hour, i.e. the amount you pay is equal to the number of hours spent providing services multiplied by the hourly rate of the relevant consultant.

Hourly payment rates of Pankov and Associates (rubles)

Senior partner500$
Managing partner450$
Tax consultant350$
Senior lawyer350$
Assistant lawyer250$

Our professionals work in the spheres of corporate development, business management, tax planning and litigation. We can provide legal protection for your business, strengthen its legal foundations, defend the interests of your company in court, and accurately assess its position in respect of both Russian and international law.

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