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Registration of individual entrepreneurs

A entrepreneur who does not wish to register a legal entity may pursues his or her business as an individual entrepreneur.

Status as an individual entrepreneur implies independent work, at one’s own risk, for the systematic generation of income from use of property, sales of goods, performance of work or services by a person registered as an individual entrepreneur in compliance with the procedure established by law. Registration as an individual entrepreneur is obligatory for an individual engaged in systematic generation of income.

Pankov and Associates have rich practical expertise and a solid theoretical basis for registration and legal support to individual entrepreneurs.

Our services include:

  • advice on establishment and registration as an individual entrepreneur;
  • preparation of the required package of documents for registration as an individual entrepreneur;
  • support in the process of registration as an individual entrepreneur with the Federal Tax Service;
  • obtaining State Statistics Committee codes for an individual entrepreneur;
  • production of seals and stamps for an individual entrepreneur;
  • opening a settlement account(s) at a bank for an individual entrepreneur;
  • certification of copies of registration documents by a public notary.

Following your registration as an individual entrepreneur we can offer a full package of legal and accounting services (subscriber services).

The knowledge and expertise of all the lawyers at Pankov and Associates are at your disposal.

Registration of an individual entrepreneur


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