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Employment law

Pankov and Associates offers advice on employment law and representation in labour disputes.

Our lawyers have practical expertise and a strong theoretical basis to help employers generate and adjust document turnover relating to employees, and to prepare internal statutes governing labour relationships. We can also represent the interests of employees and employers in dealings with trade unions, labour inspectors, the social insurance fund and courts of law.

Pankov and Associates always seek to settle disputes through negotiation, since compromise can usually be found if necessary efforts are made.

If peaceful settlement of a conflict proves impossible, we can help you apply to a court and represent your interests there.

Our services include:

Support in labour disputes

  • representing the interests of employers and employees in dealings with labour inspectors, courts of law and prosecutors.

Design of employment contracts, collective agreements and corporate regulatory acts

  • design of a collective agreement and its coordination with trade unions and local government;
  • design of provisions on employees, internal work procedures, personal data, commercial secrets, remuneration and incentives, material responsibility of employees, promotion, personnel certification, work investigations (in case of accidents, disciplinary action, etc.) health and safety, etc.;
  • design of labour agreements and job descriptions;
  • design of notifications to employees (on staff reduction, introduction of non-standard working day, etc.) and of relevant instructions.

Organisation and support for the investigation of accidents at work

  • preparing relevant documents (acts, certificates, etc.);
  • taking part in negotiations and investigations, representation in dealings with supervisory and monitoring agencies;

Advice on employment law

  • oral and written advice on the full range of labour issues.

Maintaining cadastre documentation

  • organisation and revision of cadastre document turnover

The knowledge and expertise of all the lawyers at Pankov and Associates are at your disposal.

Pankov and Associates charge for services by the hour, i.e. the amount you pay is equal to the number of hours spent providing services multiplied by the hourly rate of the relevant consultant.

Hourly payment rates of Pankov and Associates

Senior partner500$
Managing partner450$
Tax consultant350$
Senior lawyer350$
Assistant lawyer250$

Our professionals work in the spheres of corporate development, business management, tax planning and litigation. We can provide legal protection for your business, strengthen its legal foundations, defend the interests of your company in court, and accurately assess its position in respect of both Russian and international law.

We conform to international professional standards