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Judgment execution (debt collection)

Pankov and Associates have provided professional legal services for debt collection throughout Russia since 1999. Collection from legal entities and individuals is carried out in full accordance with the law.

We provide judgment execution services to creditors (plaintiffs):

  • for debt collection from companies and individuals under an enforcement order;
  • for debt collection from budget organizations, including government institutions and establishments;
  • for enforcement of the rulings of Russian, foreign and international arbitration courts.

Our legal services:

Pre-trial work with debtors (out-of-court settlement)

Pre-trial work is the first and indispensable stage of debt collection. Arrears of more than 30 days are a sufficient basis for initiating such action.

Court action for debt collection

Specialists of Pankov and Associates can take court action if a debtor refuses to settle a dispute out of court or makes counter claims against the creditor. Our lawyers regularly win actions in many regions of Russia and successfully collect maximum possible claim amounts from debtors together with accrued interest and penalties.

Debt collection under an enforcement letter (coercive debt collection)

Coercive debt collection can be carried out once a court ruling and enforcement letter have been obtained. We have expertise in discovering cash held on the debtor’s bank accounts and ensuring that it is written off in favour of the creditor if the debtor carries out operations using those accounts. If the debtor has no cash on bank accounts, the creditor will receive money from sale of the debtor’s property.

Debt recovery through bankruptcy

We proceed to bankruptcy of a debtor if the debtor has assets that can be used to clear the debt and desires to retain the status of the legal entity.

Pankov and Associates charge for services by the hour, i.e. the amount you pay is equal to the number of hours spent providing services multiplied by the hourly rate of the relevant consultant.

Hourly payment rates of Pankov and Associates (rubles)

Senior partner500$
Managing partner450$
Tax consultant350$
Senior lawyer350$
Assistant lawyer250$

Our professionals work in the spheres of corporate development, business management, tax planning and litigation. We can provide legal protection for your business, strengthen its legal foundations, defend the interests of your company in court, and accurately assess its position in respect of both Russian and international law.

We conform to international professional standards